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Retro-Com designs, installs and commissions MATV/SMATV systems for new buildings including, but not limited to, apartments, units, homes, hospitals, nursing homes, retirement villages, offices and any multi-dwelling living arrangement. Retro-Com can design a system specific to the requirements of each building. Working alongside, engineers, designers, consultants, project managers, builders, electricians and FOXTEL ensures that exact expectations are met, while industry standards are adhered to.

Upgrading existing TV systems is also a major part of the services provided by Retro-Com. A full investigation of an existing TV system enables our specialist

to provide a recommendation for the most effective and up-to-date TV system for that project.

Retro-Com can also provide regular and on-call maintenance work for MATV/SMATV systems. Our state of the art Field Strength Meters allow complete testing of a system to aid in the troubleshooting should a failure occur in a MATV/SMATV system. Quality parts are carried onboard by our technicians to allow for a prompt repair in these situations.

Retro-Com’s commercial services can be provided Australia wide.


With many patients staying more than just the single night television is useful in helping pass the time. It is also considered as part of the healing process for those staying for extended periods. SMATV would be the preferred choice.

Nursing Homes

With television often being the central focus of entertainment, companionship and contact with the outside world, we know from research that both residents and managers regard it as an extremely important social element.

Student Accommodation

Demand for a reliable TV system in Student Accommodation is high.  Either a standalone MATV system or an MATV/SMATV system can be used at this type of MDU.  A MATV/SMATV system could allow a dedicated info-channel.

Hotel Accommodation

Whether a foreign tourist, an interstate traveller or a local relaxing over the weekend, hotel guests rely on the MATV/SMATV system to keep abreast of the news, finance or chilling to the latest music. No job is too big for Retro-Com.

Gyms & Fitness Centres

It is commonplace for gym and fitness centres to have a large number of screens showing sport, news and digital signage, a MATV/SMATV system allows clubs to offer members a wide viewing choice including music and radio.


In the majority of instances, residents in apartments will expect their body corporate to provide and maintain the building’s MATV/SMATV system supplying the TV services to their premises.
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